2011 according to Albi (What will be the next test?)
2011 according to Albi (What will be the next test?)

Incredible year 2011 in Motorpasión Moto and in this world of two wheels that we are passionate about. Every time we are more, already we exceed one million monthly readings and that also shows for us. Since your participation has increased notably both in comments, as sending clues or making recommendations. A good example of this fantastic interaction was your great first-time stories that we really enjoyed in the writing of Motorpasión Moto where we swapped roles for a few weeks.

As every year in the competition, we always say that our compatriots have done well and on this occasion we could also make the same statement since there is no doubt that we are a world power in this motorcycle. With special memory I will keep in memory the spectacular feat of Laia Sanz in the Dakar 2011 and of course the infarct season that Marc Márquez has offered us in Moto2. But the good memories flock to me, let's focus.

Pit line SBK

Seeing a good career sitting at home in front of the television is priceless (as in the ad). But if in addition, as in 2011, we can go to cover it live at the foot of the track and tell it for all of you, surely this memory will be saved in a very special way in our memory. Even though the race was a procession of motorcycles lined up one by one. This year we have been lucky enough to tell you about several of the SBK and MotoGP championship races, living them from within.

Horse Simulator

This gives us the opportunity to visit the box of an SBK team or to get on a horse simulator not to mention the amount of curiosities that we see in these visits and that of course we try to tell them the best we know so that too you can enjoy them somehow.

Hanging from the Camdalt

Now, if you asked me what has been the best moment of this year in Motorpasión Moto, I have no doubts. Lately, every time we receive a motorcycle product for testing, the newsroom becomes a hotbed of ideas to be able to submit the product in question to the toughest test possible. Thus, the making of of each of the tests becomes a whole display of media with many friends involved lending a hand or even leaving us their motorcycles.

Camdalt and shear

This results in us hanging from a beam with a helmet or going to a laundry room to take a dip in a handsfree while it is working and so it is being cooked lately in the newsroom, the thing does not seem to stop.

Motorcycle hands-free water test

But I didn't want to end without counting another of the best moments, in my opinion, of this year 2011 for Motorpasión Moto. And this has certainly been the entry of new editors Miki Viñola and Alberticu who with new ideas and eager to do it well joined our ranks throughout this year, although Miki had to leave prematurely, much to his regret.

Hopefully 2012 is at least the same or better.

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