Gold, incense and Carlos D's gift list
Gold, incense and Carlos D's gift list

The time has come to close the extensive list of gifts that the editors of Motorpasión Moto have been preparing to get this Christmas right. Whether you want an idea to give a gift to a biker or if you are simply convinced that you deserve a whim - and in fact, of course you deserve it - this latest installment dedicated to entertainment and safety comes with a certain sense of general taste.

Because yes, we love Roman dresses. We cannot avoid looking at each other in the large windows of the shop windows on the street but it is also true that not everyone thinks it is the most correct clothing to go to work, a meeting or a meal. Thus, to stop looking like an Alpinestars or Dainese billboard every time we ride a motorcycle I will spend most of my budget on Vitesse Hunt boots, as safe as they are beautiful - although it is already known that there is nothing written about tastes.

Vitesse hunt

At this point in the movie I think it goes without saying how fundamental it is to wear boots in good condition if we have the least appreciation for our feet. As I said, aesthetics may be indifferent to many, but in terms of safety, Vitesse boots come with V-Cockpit technology. This is nothing but the network of different components that surround our feet when we wear them. Starting with one comfortable and moldable inner layer to offer comfort and adequate shock absorption, after a few rigid plates keep our ankle safe and they prevent the torsion of it from reaching levels, let's say … painful. Finally, an outer chassis unites all the pieces, turning the boot into a unique and fully functional one.

The main downside of these boots is their price. On their website they comment that we can get them from 175 euros although the reality is that when we go to the online store they point us some 250 euros that our pockets leave us like those of Lazarillo de Tormes. I am awaiting an official response to clarify this great difference in the final price but until I have an answer I will keep the highest price, it will not be.

Anyway, with these 50 euros we can still juggle to give ourselves a last whim on the sofa at home. Putting down to work, the first objective is the TT3D DVD: Closer to the edge, a documentary that was released just a month ago. Assuming that we get it at the current price of 13 euros, there are still 37 that we will spend another two movies that we have already seen on Motorpasión Moto. The second DVD that I would order would be that of I, Superbiker, another equally interesting documentary that follows the main characters of British Superbikes during the 2010 season. And to end the film day, we put the final touch with Burt Munro: a dream, a legend, which we can get for less than 11 euros.

Good luck, caution and encouragement with Christmas!

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