Argentine heritage. Biker heritage?
Argentine heritage. Biker heritage?

Today's video includes a curious mix between biker design fashion, biker solidarity and a bit of bad milk. The truth is that it starts off quite interesting when a biker (or at least someone with a biker look who we don't know if it will be made of cardboard or not) the motorcycle stops on a forgotten road. His luck changes when he finds a can that can help him when it comes to collecting gasoline to fuel his motorcycle and changes even more when he bumps into another group of bikers who do not hesitate to empty part of their tanks in the can to help the one who is dry..

What does not fit so well is that the first biker loses the gasoline as he advances and to finish fixing it he sets fire to him in the purest baddie style to finish putting into orbit those who have helped him moments before. Do they have such a bad image of us that creatives think that we do not even know how to be grateful for the help provided on the shoulder of any road? I believe that those who have designed this campaign are first cousins ​​of those who designed the Volkswagen campaign not long ago and that led me to release the adjective Cardboard and Tambourine Biker at Motorpasión Moto.

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