Monster Girls 2012 Exam
Monster Girls 2012 Exam

There is no doubt that when we show you the photographs we take of the paddock girls on our visits to the Grand Prix One of your favorites is always the hostesses from Monster Energy. And certainly the brand and energy drinks makes every effort to ensure that the girls who represent them are some of the most beautiful that come together in any motor competition.

For the year 2012, how could it be otherwise, Monster has also put all "the meat on the grill" but this time in a very different way. First offering the opportunity to any girl who meets the minimum requirements and wants to sign up for the casting and once selected the best by users Those who could vote on the page were the Monster Energy athletes themselves who chose these twelve girls who will make up the calendar for next year.

As you can see in the video of the making of the choice of the girls has been the most successful on the part of all the people who voted and the Monster athletes. Now, there is only wait for the result when the 2012 calendar is published but from what we can see I am sure it will be a success.

By the way, the models are hired for a period of twelve months so look at the next competition you attend to see if you recognize any of them or at least to be able to greet the women. three Spanish representatives Bárbara Amerigo, Angélica Medina and Ivette B.

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