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Gold, incense and Esteban's gift list
Gold, incense and Esteban's gift list

Among all the editors I think we are covering a number of Christmas presents quite interesting. And despite the fact that Albi was already ahead of me by proposing some things … I think we can search a bit among all the stores in the world (thanks to the Internet) or among all the possible types of gifts. In fact, this year I get "practical" but in the sense that there is nothing better than action.

Yes, with the budget of 300 euros that we have tightened this year, I am not going to put a motorcycle here, of course, but I will try to give three ideas to give a biker this Christmas. And if you don't like any of them, remember that a ham is always apparent and you will have a lot of money left over. I like it too. The ham, I say.

2012 starts getting cold in Pingüinos

Maybe you already have penguin corn, but maybe you know a biker who, because of H or because of B, has never been to Penguins. It can happen, many times we make plans that for any reason are postponed, postponed, and when we realize they have never come true. It is not a very important gift in economic terms, but if you know that indecisive person who always misses out on cool things by doubting too much, decide for him and give the inscription to Pingüinos. They are 22 euros in advance sale, 25 euros at the box office.


With the warmth in the body after having passed Penguins 2012, there is nothing better than starting the second gift, which is nothing less than a driving course. Maybe it is due to (de) professional training, but I think that a circuit course is essential to have more confidence, more control over personal skills, more awareness of what it is to go fast with maximum safety, without putting ourselves at risk. themselves, or others on the road.

So the second gift is a driving course valued at 220 euros, which includes theoretical notions and practical classes, up to six rounds on the circuit, on-board lap recording and personalized corrections and much more. I, at least, see it as a cool gift that we are not always going to decide to make for ourselves. So if someone has the right budget, let them give it away because it gives security, and also a hilarious time on the circuit.

A gift that is always beautiful is a book. And even more so if it is done in the old fashioned way, those large hardcover books with wider than tall pages, with large black and white photos, and that they mix motorcycles and adventures. Well, that is not a mixture of things, it is that they are the same. Operation Impala is a book that Alberticu already told us about at the time, and I rescue it as a great Christmas gift.

I have been looking at it for a couple of days and it gives off the same spirit of the time when motorcycles were different, the adventures were more authentic, and everything seemed yet to be discovered. It is clear that then we were smaller, or even less than small, but those stories have a special mojo. Highly recommended, you have it for 34, 21 euros at

And for my part is everything. There are a few coins left over That we can take advantage of for next year, or to "throw ourselves some cañejas" all, to the health of all of us, to celebrate the holidays. And I personally take this opportunity to wish you the best on these dates.

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