Randy de Puniet's new toy
Randy de Puniet's new toy

Oh, how unfair life is! While some of us keep making lists of the biker gifts we'd like to receive (which doesn't mean we get them), others indulge themselves. It is the case of Randy de Puniet, which seems to have found the first advantage of being in a CRT team for 2012. The advantage is none other than being able to enjoy the motorcycle that you really want without owing to a brand due to contract issues. The fact is that here the friend has decided to give us a new reason to envy him (there are already a few). It is a Kawasaki W650 that the guys from Deus Ex Machina.

Randy arrived in Sydney, the city where the Deus Ex Machina headquarters are located, with the firm intention of taking a tour of the city on a special motorcycle. So i He put some small conditions for these guys to make a toy for him. These conditions were: a two-cylinder engine, which is easy to handle in the city but does not disappoint when it hits the road, and with the orange, black and white colors present in it. And as you can see from the result, Randy's friend cannot complain, far from it.


So Jeremy Tagand, Deus Ex Machina's thinking head saw it absolutely clear. Using as a base a mythical Kawasaki W650 has achieved a real beauty. To do this, they have customized and assembled, in what is the most striking change, a tank of one Yamaha SR500 with the speedometer located in the center. They have also added an even more vintage style headlight, custom exhausts that are a real delight, and a different fork. To close the set they have fitted some tires Firestone that make it totally irresistible.

The truth is that I love the result, and it will be that I am getting old, but I am increasingly attracted to these types of motorcycles. It must be a real joy to drive one like this. Of course Randy proves once again that he is not stupid, rather the opposite. So we will continue to envy him, and dreaming of taking a ride on a real exclusive motorcycle. Although they all have their little hearts …

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