Gold, incense and Alberticu's biker gift list
Gold, incense and Alberticu's biker gift list

It seems that we are not in a time of economic boom and we have to tighten our belts a little and for this reason this year We have 300 euros to treat ourselves this Christmas. The truth is that I have always thought that the one who has the most is not the richest if not the one who needs the least and that things have two prices, the one on the label in euros and then another that we want to give. A very cheap thing can be very useful and give us many satisfactions, so even if its acquisition price is minimal, the profitability will be maximum.

And vice versa, of course, something very expensive can later become the typical gadget that ends up full of dust in the storage room, in a drawer or inside the closet. This I think has happened to all of us, at least I admit that I have seen myself in both tessitura. Also when giving gifts, it is very typical to say:what do you want?, ¿what do you need? I have heard it many times. Heard and asked because when you give it away you always want to hit something you like, be practical and really use. So I'm going to spend those 300 euros with you but that budget could well be worth much more, or less, depending on the experiences of each one.


To start and for about 130 euros in total we are going to buy a lens for the camera what we have. We have saved some money all this past year month after month and in the end the long-awaited digital SLR has fallen now that they have dropped a lot in price. We really like photography and also, Motorcycle and camera rides have always seemed an indivisible mix and that curdles to perfection. Not because of the technique itself, which draws our attention, but because they are the graphic memories of a life that we like to have.

What's more it will be funny to see us in a few years or show our photos to young people back then so they can see our bikes, our suits, etc. Sure our mounts will look prehistoric but the spirit of riding a motorcycle will remain the same. Well, for such needs, a very bright 50 millimeter fixed focal length lens will come in handy. For what cameras lenses usually cost, this one is not very expensive and will allow us above all to take good portraits of our friends, or of our motorcycle. Of course, accompanied by at least a protective filter and a sun visor. Everything is going to 130 euros, almost half of our budget.

natural pool

And with the other half well we are going to allow ourselves a very special winter outing on a motorcycle with a spa included. Winter is a delicate time to travel by motorcycle and more so if it is high mountains but with caution and if the weather allows it, it can be enjoyed as in any other season of the year. Well equipped we set course for our destination which will be exactly Andorra La Vella. Meanwhile and during the route we will be able to get the most out of the lens that we have just bought by taking snapshots at some of the stops on the route.

And we have already reached the destination where we have reserved an entrance to the Caldea spa where we can relax in its thermal waters with Jacuzzi, sauna and countless water baths. Of course, do not put the reflex camera here to take photos that cameras are cats or little friends of water! No, the camera and the sanity team await us in the hotel room that we have reserved to spend the night and rest quietly. This will cost us 120 euros and the price will be for two people. It also includes breakfast the next day. And we still have 50 euros left with which we can have something to eat in a modest restaurant or a pizzeria, for example.

In this way we spend our budget of 300 euros for this season finale hoping that the emotions far exceed that number with many more than 300 smiles when we revisit our photos for years to come.

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