Are you coming to the Isle of Man next year? Here you have all the trip data
Are you coming to the Isle of Man next year? Here you have all the trip data

Today I am going to tell you about a plan that has been around my head for a long time, although at the moment it is a project I think that in 2012 it will have many possibilities of becoming a reality. I'm talking about organize a trip to the Isle of Man Taking advantage of the information available on its website about the different options available to get there.

Training and races are going to be held from May 28 to June 8, 2012. And if we put aside the costs of the trip there on the official website, I have come across some quite interesting organized packages.

Let's see what is available. The first option involves going without a motorcycle, in this way you can get passage to the island from the port of Heysham from 99 pounds sterling on June 4 and 6 in which the Superstock, Supersport, Sidecar races or the TTXGP (the electric motorcycle race) are held or If you spend £ 109 you can attend the Superbikes and Sidecar race on the first day on June 2 and 8 or the Senior TT on June 8, the most important race of all. Everybody these packages include transfer from Great Britain to the island by ferry (at night) then a tour of the circuit, transfer to the Creg Ny Ba grandstand and back.

The second option offers you to contract a package in which you fly from Manchester, Gatwick (London) or Birmingham airports For £ 249 (€ 375) For £ 229 (€ 350) you fly from Belfast (Northern Ireland) in this option they take you from the island's airport to the main grandstand to watch the race or races and then they return you to the airplane. Unfortunately and as of the dates that we are, some days are already full and those that remain we must hurry to reserve them because the price today for the big day is already at 289 pounds sterling (435 euros)

The last option left is to wrap the blanket around your head, dedicate a few more days to the trip, be on the right day in Heyslam to embark to the island and camp there. It is almost cheaper to spend four days camping than to come and go on the same day from Great Britain. The half week package costs 159 pounds sterling (238 euros) for 239 pounds (360 euros) which costs the full week package. All those days you will be in the Union Mills Football Club Campsite and they promise you that spending so many days there you will see everything. The downside is that these prices do not include transferring a motorcycle there with the ferry, what they give you is an unlimited transport ticket for the bus.

To date they have not been published Ferry prices for a person with a motorcycle, but the estimate is that around 230 pounds sterling (345 euros and I imagine that the two routes) to which must be added the accommodation and the maintenance of the time you are there plus the trip. So I think I'm going to order one of those London-Isle of Man flights that together with a Low Cost flight from Alicante I can make it fit into a very tight budget and give myself the pleasure of seeing the most traditional race in the world.

If a good friend reads this, the first thing he is going to tell me is that I am spoiling, that his thing is to take the motorcycle and stick the trip there, enjoy the races and then go home. In this aspect there are also a couple of options although both are for much larger budgets. Taking into account that on one of the routes you have to cross all of France to get to Calais, cross the English Channel and then through Great Britain until you reach Heyslam, where you will have to catch the last ferry to the island. The short version is to go rolling to Santander, boarding the ferry that goes to Plymouth. In this way, you change the kilometers in France for a Ferry day (but you have to accommodate the availability dates), you also shorten the journey through Great Britain a bit and avoid driving too many kilometers on the “other side” of the road. This Ferry is around 500 euros plus approximately 345 euros for the ferry to the Isle of Man and we are already at 850 euros only in boats.

Dreaming is free, so you already know what this editor is mulling over for next year and that if it doesn't go wrong, it may end up telling you in the first person.

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