Troy Corser's first big win
Troy Corser's first big win

As you know, Troy Corser has retired as a professional motorcycle racer at the end of the season. With him not only the man leaves, a legend of the championship also leaves, leaving records that seem very far from the reach of current pilots like the most of 4000 points accumulated. After getting hold of two titlesIn 1996 and 2005, the Australian has left Superbikes giving way to new blood, to other future legends.

His world history began in 1992 when he landed at SBK for the first time, but to no avail he sought the opportunity at national level championships. He or she returned to Australia, where won the championship in 93, and a year later he moved to the United States to compete in the AMA, title that would also get in its first season. And that was the perfect moment to make the final leap to Superbikes with Ducati where an unrivaled teammate awaited him, neither more nor less than Carl Fogarty. Four rounds of 1995 passed where he had displayed his potential but without achieving victory, until we reached the key point: Salzburgring.

There in Salzburg, near the Alps, Troy established himself as a driver and showed the entire grid that he had come to win, at all costs. He gave the same as his teammate It was Foggy or that he didn't have all the experience that his opponents had. There were Pierfrancesco Chili, Aaron Slight, Fujiwara, Scott Russell, Anthony Gobert, Simon Crafar, John Reynolds etc … a pack of old school pilots who did not understand traction controls, ABS, or "computers" that made it easier for you to control of the machine. Against all of them Corser prevailed in a race worth seeing.

The obvious bumps of the Austrian asphalt, the lack of safety of the circuit or that a medical car invaded the finish line with the only signaling of the yellow flags. The chicannes were cut, with both wheels on the ground or with one, they would already hold tight to the handlebar when landing. If you gasped like the devil was chasing you, it was your responsibility to end up looking up at the sky. And there were those bulky and impressive superbikes. It was, without going any further, the second year in competition of the incredible Ducati 916 that she was already a world champion.

But as much as I want to tell it, there will be nothing better than seeing it on your own. Someone wanted to rescue that historic race from their recordings and today we can enjoy the final 10 minutes of that round. Enjoy.

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