Half a century of Freddie Spencer
Half a century of Freddie Spencer

Today a special date is celebrated, nothing less than Fast Freddie's 50th birthday, Freddie Spencer. A whole legend of the circuits, what less than to review Luis's great post from a few years ago (well, four and a half), where the history and achievements of a driving machine and a whole figure are reviewed, enormous, of motorcycling.

His double world title is something that is not going to be equaled for a long time, possibly such a feat will never be possible again. In 1985, as you know, he was able to clinch the 250cc and 500cc world title, and beat the prestigious Daytona 200 at the beginning of the year. The 500cc title was obtained after a tough fight with Kenny Roberts. The Martian against Fast Freddie, that must have been fine cinnamon. We've talked a lot about Fast Freddie here, and instead of adding more text We are going to congratulate you from here, wish you the best and thank you for what you contributed to motorcycling. And we leave one more photo and a couple of videos, because pilots' birthdays are best celebrated by watching videos.


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