Home test bench for just under 20 euros
Home test bench for just under 20 euros

Expensive what is said expensive is not because for less than 20 euros you can have your own home power bank. You just need a little space and have some hand with the solder. The rest of the requirements for such an invention we usually have at home. As simple as a computer, the wiring to connect to the motorcycle's control unit and a management software, although at this last point you have to understand a little computer science so that everything works correctly.

It seems easy right? This is what the two friends who star in the video that you can see below must have thought, who do not hesitate to sign up for the " do it yourself, you will save a buck and may even have a laugh". The problem is that they haven't given much thought to the safety factor and someone should explain to these guys that experiments, as a general rule, are best done with soda.

Seriously speaking and joking aside, it has never occurred to me to do such an experiment instead if I have been able to fiddle with engine management software but you have to be clear about what you do Well, I have seen some literally dead switchboard just by making a mistake in the protocol for turning on and connecting the program to the motorcycle and the computer. Doing everything at home has its risks, especially if we touch sensitive parts of the motorcycle.

In this sense I am in favor of doing at home what one knows and can provided you have a suitable site and quality tools. There are easy things to do in mechanics such as an oil and filter change or simply retightening the screws, with a dynamometer, of course! But there are other more complicated repairs that should be carried out by a professional. Personally I think that after watching the video, I will not make the homemade power bank next year!