Changes to the MotoGP World Championship for 2012
Changes to the MotoGP World Championship for 2012

On December 14, a Grand Prix Commission meeting made up of Carmelo Ezpeleta (Dorna, President), Ignacio Verneda (FIM), Hervé Poncharal (IRTA) and Takanao Tsubouchi (MSMA) in the presence of Javier Alonso (Dorna), Mike Trimby (IRTA) and Paul Butler (Secretary of the meeting). During it, the new legislation regarding the preseason tests and about which conversations had already taken place at the beginning of the 2011 season.

To begin with, pilots newcomers to the category of MotoGP will be able to use the motorcycles using the batches of 240 tires that have the equipment of each manufacturer and that previously were only used by test pilots. In order for the pilots already registered Previously in the championship they enjoy the same opportunities to carry out training sessions, they may do so having a maximum of 120 tires.

The possibility of qualify for race during warm up. That is to say, before, if a driver had problems in the qualifying session and did not get the minimum time, he could be re-caught if his times had been fast enough during any of the free sessions. Now, in addition, if he manages to be within 107% of the fastest rider's time in the warm-up, he will also be able to race.


The regulation of the penalty for use of more engines during the season. Until last season, the pilot was sanctioned and had to start from the pit lane once the whole peloton had passed. For 2012, it will depart ten seconds after the ver light has been shown at the pit lane exit.

Small changes are also added about the use of grill starters and heaters. Drivers in all three categories will be able to use grid starters and the heaters will be able to remain on the tires until the last minute sign display. The generators will be withdrawn in the absence of three minutes for the warm up lap.

Technically, various modifications are also added to the regulation in terms of measurements, weights and what is more important, the mounting a red light rear that increases the visibility of the motorcycles in rainy conditions.

Currently the minimum weight of the MotoGP category is set at 153 kilos although it will gradually increase, being set at 157 kilos from 2012 and 160 kilos from 2013. Regarding the new Moto3 category, the tire measurements front and rear are set at 2.50 "x 17" and 3.50 "x 17".

Finally, the commission has approved the application of all those registered in the MotoGP category with the new CRTs (nine in total) plus one in reserve, although with the exception that the CRT statute can be reviewed at any time by the Grand Prix Commission to verify that the motorcycles are within the regulations.

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