Gold, Frankincense, and Albi's Biker Gift List
Gold, Frankincense, and Albi's Biker Gift List

One more year and with less budget in my pockets than last year, I was preparing to write the list of biker gifts. With a budget of around 300 Euros, I'm sure I could indulge myself this Christmas.. But first of all clarify that this type of gifts I conceive as a simple whim. Come on, in life it would cross my mind to give me some brake pads or a new wheel for my motorcycle. These Christmas gifts have to go a bit beyond pure logic and buy them more moved by feelings, or whatever you feel like at the time.

But I am realizing that even doing this exercise of imagination by assuming that I have 300 Euros for whatever I want, I am a madman. And instead of choosing a thousand and one gadgets or curious "chorraditas", I am always touching the limit of the budget assigned with the purchase of a product. For this occasion I have chosen a complement that I have been wanting for a long time and it is an On board camera to record my excursions through the countryside, filmed on the circuit or routes with the road motorcycle.

As you can see in this and other videos that our friend Javi Cermeño recorded when we went on an adventure in Morocco, the recording quality of the GoPro HD camera is beyond doubt and now with the new HD Hero2 they have improved it even more. With 11 mega pixels at a speed of 10 photos per second and of course with its strong point, Capture 170 ° wide-angle professional video in 1080p, makes it one of the most versatile cameras.

Its price as we can see on its website is $ 300 and They include the accessories to be able to mount it in various parts of the motorcycle. Of all the options you have to install it, the one I like the most is on the helmet itself. But since Enduro is also often practical and the branches of the trees are quite a hindrance when it comes to wearing it in the helmet so surely some of its supports will be useful for example to take images from the rear wing.

And knowing that I still have some budget left, I will also put on my gift list a high capacity digital memory card 32GB (SDHC) recommended by the manufacturer to have enough storage capacity for a few hours of recording. They cost about $ 80 on their page and they say they are submersible, shock, vibration, and x-ray.

What do you think about it?

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