Gold, Frankincense, and L. Font's Biker Gift List
Gold, Frankincense, and L. Font's Biker Gift List

Well, this year we have had less money to prepare the list of Christmas gifts and kings, so it's time to tighten your belt with what we are going to put in it. Although it seems to me that since I have behaved a little badly, what I have insured is a good amount of good coal, in short, you cannot have everything.

What the hell!! I am not going to miss the opportunity to make the list lest someone take pity on this poor editor and decide to give me some of it. So let's get to work and we start like last year for the cheapest of everything, which in this case is a book that costs 27 euros. This year's title is Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsing published by Sixth Floor.

Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance

This book talks about an approach to mechanics (among other deeper and more philosophical topics) from the Zen point of view, in which it is tries to combine the cold and rational technological world and the warm and imaginative world of art. Although well-designed mechanics always have an art side, art also has a technical side. All this is developed through a trip that Phaedrus and his son take on a motorcycle through the American West. I have to admit that this book has brought me back for quite some time and I have not been able to resist its siren songs and it is already on the shelf in my library.

I have 273 euros left, so we continue with the list. The following are some cool gloves because the ones I use in winter already have a few kilometers on them and are asking for the relief. The chosen ones are Dainese ICE RIDGE D-DRY that promise to keep my hands warm and dry even in the worst conditions in which I can find myself in the city. The price marked on the official website is 45 euros, so I have 228 euros left. As you can see, I am going to opt for the equipment to update the one I have, which is about time. The next thing will be a helmet. But unlike last year, this one I have simply decided on aesthetics.


And what is on the market I like the AGV S4 Plain Black, a discreet helmet, with the shell made of fiberglass and Kevlar. The best thing is that I found it in an internet store where they sell it for 199, 95 euros (plus shipping) instead of the 279 that they mark in the catalog. Although before buying it by mail I will look for it in the stores of my city to try it on, lest I do not like how it looks or find it for that low price.

To pay the 28 euros that I have left I will back to Dainese catalog To order a Total WS Balaclava, which costs 29 euros, I don't think that for spending one euro of the budget they will scold me a lot. This is my list for this year, short, but I think that with it I can update a good part of the team in addition to cultivating my mind somewhat. Oh, and for the most ill-considered, this post or any other is sponsored by any brand or website that appears in it.

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