Benelli Due 756, coming in 2012
Benelli Due 756, coming in 2012

This Benelli Due 756 it was about to break the record for the Honda NR 750. Both bikes had appeared in various international shows over the course of several years and no one gave them a date of arrival in the markets. But as it all comes to an end, the Honda NR 750 arrived and now it seems that Benelli's Chinese owners have finally set a deadline. The Benelli Due 756 will be marketed in 2012.

Although, Chinese things, it will first be presented in China and then it will reach international markets. Among the interesting things about this bike, I think that without a doubt there will be the price, which they say will be around 8,000 euros, because the owners of the brand want it to be below the 10,000 euros that it currently costs. Benelli Century Racer 899. Although these prices I cannot assure that they correspond to our country. What we can assure you is that in 2012, once the brand's centenary is celebrated, we will almost certainly see this Benelli Due 756 on the market.

In the technical section This Benelli Due 756 is not going to revolutionize the market. What can attract our attention the most is that its engine is a parallel twin derived directly from the three-cylinder that moves the part with the largest displacement in the catalog. But it can be an interesting clue of what awaits us in the not too distant future in which all the well-known brands manufacture their motorcycles in China or in Asian countries. Because make no mistake, what brands are looking for is to maintain or increase their income statement, that happens by lowering production costs. And in our first world this they cannot achieve.

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