We celebrate the fifth anniversary: ​​vote for the post you liked the most
We celebrate the fifth anniversary: ​​vote for the post you liked the most

Such a day as today Five years ago the first open post of Motorpasión Moto was published, which started out as Moto22 as everyone (or almost everyone) knows. In five years, thousands of articles of all kinds have been published, and for this anniversary we think it would be interesting to put together a few of the most relevant to us, the ones we liked the most, the ones we remember the most.

It has been difficult for us to agree, and in fact you will see that there are few, very few posts selected. I have put them in the form of a "survey" so that you can vote for the ones you liked the most. Next week we will post the results of which ones you have most valued and voted for. Here is the list of links so that you can remember them when voting:

  • Learning sports photography is easy if you have a bibliography

  • Ducati Sport 1000 in depth, intimate and personal, part one. (It belongs to a series)

  • Morocco 2011; Our adventure begins. (It belongs to a series)
  • Metzeler Sportec M5 Interact Presentation (1 of 2) (Belongs to a series)

  • We tried to steal the Camdalt One helmet

  • Moto22 holidays: Derbi-Cadaqués (It belongs to a series)

  • The sunken motorcycles of the SS Thistlegorm

  • Moto22 in competition: the BBQ series (1 of 3) (Belongs to a series)

  • Kenny Roberts at the Indy Mille

  • Tell me what bike you have: and I'll tell you who you are. (It belongs to a series)

  • The unfair treatment we receive for riding a motorcycle

  • Visiting the Derbi factory

  • What do people do for a living? Sound…
  • Ducati Diavel: conclusions and characteristics. (It belongs to a series)
  • How to lift a motorcycle lying on the ground
  • Joey Dunlop, the man and the myth

  • Freestyle tricks

  • Interview with Colin Edwards, the authentic MotoGP Tornado
  • 125 motorcycles, the option for the B license
  • Travis Pastrana and his backflip "triciclero"
  • Tricks for circuit novices

  • And now you can vote for the posts, and you can also propose in the comments all those that you want, either because you liked them, because there was conversation in them or whatever you can think of. You can vote the number of posts you want:

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