A rigged moped is a teenager in danger
A rigged moped is a teenager in danger

With such a forceful phrase, the French government is fighting to try to reduce the accident rate that teenagers have on mopeds. The statistic says that 37 adolescents are involved in serious accidents per day. But the tragedy does not end there, since on the one hand the police can sanction with 135 euros If they discover that the moped is rigged, but if the moped in question is involved in an accident, the insurance company may refuse to pay the costs resulting from the accident. And that, with the times in which many families do not even have to spend the month can end up being a problem of a greater order.

So they have got to work to educate that sector of the population so that they do not trick mopeds. Difficult taskBecause changing the carburetor for a much larger one, the exhaust for one that really works or simply some variator rollers that allow it to roll at more than the speed established by law is our daily bread. And if not, they should go to any Spanish city on a summer afternoon-night and they will be able to observe the fauna and the noise that 50 cc are capable of assembling (that if they maintain the displacement)

Now, nobody says anything about the proportion of accidents that are not the fault of mopeds but of foreign elements such as the poor condition of the streets, works, drivers outside the traffic and / or the like. It is clear that you have to pursue these authentic homemade "cucumbers" that tend to run a lot but neither brake nor stay on the suspensions according to the new benefits, but putting all the blame on only one side of the equation does not seem fair at all.. Of course, you have to start somewhere and awareness never hurts.

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