The Ducati Diavel also does Stunt
The Ducati Diavel also does Stunt

It is seen, give a Stuntman any motorcycle regardless of its model or specialty and it will quickly perform some tremendous pirouettes with it. In this case, as we can see in the video, the Ducati diavel with its 210 kg dry, along with 162 hp and a crown installed for the occasion type "paella pan" also is capable in the right hands of performing the essential tricks that are performed in any Stunt exhibit.

I believe that the designers and engineers of the Borgo Panigale brand have not separated from the Italian “Limoncello” bottle since they have seen the adventures that Micha Threin is capable of doing with the Diavel. That if they have not had enough with the Diavel dragster. And the truth is that it is impressive to see the evolutions of that tremendous 240 tire capable of keeping the Diavel in an almost vertical position, but let's better watch the video.

Without a doubt the german Micha Threin who is professionally engaged in motorcycle exhibitions And he also has his own Stunt school where he teaches how to perform all these stunts. He has that practice and natural ability, to not only do this with the Ducati Diavel, but with whatever bike we put in front of him.

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