Rejean Neron's Safety Sphere, a giant balloon as a lifeline
Rejean Neron's Safety Sphere, a giant balloon as a lifeline

This is how we could define one of the last security bets that has come to us, a wraparound sphere that protects the rider from damage that may occur in a fall or in an impact. It is a monkey almost like any other with the exception that it is capable of inflating like a balloon in five hundredths of a second when the sensors detect that something is wrong. The project has been developed by Rejean Neron with the aim of reducing injuries in accidents.

The garment is built around two totally different capable: the first would be the external one, made from a highly resistant material used in parachutes and the second the internal one, made of a very elastic and fine moldable synthetic material. A sensor is in charge of telling the monkey that the pilot is no longer in contact with the seat and start the operation. To see how Neron works, he has put together an explanatory video with which to get an idea.

At the moment this is only a design although Rejean is convinced of the role of the motorcycle in the transport of the future and is looking for help to bring the sketches to reality. However, so that both the design and the actual garment would have the same gaps, ponds or lakes. For example, What would happen if you fell on a sloping road? Would you roll meters and more meters to a stop? In this case, the remedy could be worse than the disease because the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčturning into a giant ball without control on a mountain road does not quite appeal to me. Of course, it would be tremendously useful to avoid amputations, bruises, streetlights, traffic signs or even the hit of a car.

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