Gold, Frankincense, and Morrillu's Biker Gift List
Gold, Frankincense, and Morrillu's Biker Gift List

This year I am going to be good, and I am not going to crush you with possible gifts from the catalog of my favorite Austrian brand. Although a budget of 300 euros It would allow me to start the 2012 season with some new sweets or, to renew one that I already have old and ask for change. But no, this year I have preferred to look for gifts that calm other of my hobbies.

For starters, a scale model. Specifically the Honda RS250RW with which Hiroshi aoyama he was proclaimed 250cc World Champion. It is marketed at 1:12 scale by the company Hasegawa and it has exquisite finishes, which perfectly rival Tamiya, a benchmark in the world of civilian modeling. It can be found on the internet by 35, 57 € approximately.

Honda RS250RW Honda RS250RW Honda RS250RW

But of course, the good thing about some models is that we can take them to unsuspected customizations with photo-etched kits and improvements that other brands offer us. A) Yes Top Studio offers a kit for the manufacture of the chain, including the crown and the pinion with which it will achieve almost absolute realism. It is neither cheap nor easy to assemble but once finished and assembled it is worth it. Its price, 26, 01 euros.

Honda RS250RW

We continue with two more accessories, for the tubes of exhaust and forks, both also from Top Studio and priced at 2, 76 and 7, 78 euros. We no longer have to break our heads to leave the plastic with a metallic finish since the pieces are themselves metallic.

Honda RS250RW Honda RS250RW

Finally, a kit of Acustion photo-etched: radiator, hardware, brakes, carburettor intakes, air filter grill … what is missing to make it perfect. Its price is 39, 68 €. Oh, and we can't forget about the paintings. All this will come out for a few 167, 06 € put at home, and now we will only have to arm ourselves with patience to have our little part of history in the display case at home.

All supermotard

To take a break from 1:12, nothing like a good read: the Supermotard book, written by J.F. Grill. During its more than 250 pages we will be able to see what we need to practice the supermotard, tricks, training and, most importantly, accompany the author for a season, learning from his experience. Its price is € 16.95 plus six shipping costs.

Silicone Hoses

Finally, and with the money we have left, we are going to renew the cooling hoses of my KTM 450 SMR, which after 3 years surely have already lost elastic properties and any day of these will give me a dislike in the form of a leak. We chose some in silicone, for example from the Mishimoto brand and orange, to match the colors of the bike.

Its price without shipping costs is about 60 euros to which we will have to add the new coolant and even, if we want to finish the whole, a temperature gauge to know at all times if our engine works in an optimal range and we do not squeeze it either above or below it.

And I think I have some money left over. I'm saving it for next year.

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