Nico Terol will have a curve with his name in Cheste, isn't it a bit early?
Nico Terol will have a curve with his name in Cheste, isn't it a bit early?

They follow, as it cannot be otherwise, the prizes and honors for the last champion of the now extinct category of 125cc, Nico Terol. Now the direction of the circuit Cheste He has decided that one of the curves on that track was named after the Alcoy rider. Of course, the friend Nico will have to decide which curve he wants to see with his name of those that are free.

Go ahead, it seems like good news to me, and that (I have already said it on more than one occasion) Nico has always been one of the pilots for whom I have a special sympathy, but I do not stop seeing a bit hasty to dedicate a curve when you still have so much way to go. It is clear that there was a lot of desire to have a new champion for Valencian lands, and it shows. Thus, Terol will share honor with pilots such as Ángel Nieto, Michael Doohan or Jorge Martínez Aspar. In any case, the words of Julius garcia, director of the circuit, because the reasons he gives are unquestionable:

It will be in the course of the next season when the act of homage of a Nico Terol takes place that, as you can imagine, he could not be more happy and satisfied for the season you have done. After thanking all those around him for the support to have achieved the long-awaited title, he has made it clear that he is very excited that one of the curves of his beloved Cheste bears his name:

There is nothing left but to congratulate you, because of course everything that is happening to him has to be something very big. Now the only thing left to do is hope that this curve is becoming more and more important due to the future successes of its honoree, and we hope that his debut in Moto2 is the best possible. I said, it seems a bit early, but enjoy it.

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