Dougie Lampkin takes a walk in Renthal
Dougie Lampkin takes a walk in Renthal

On Monday we saw how the Supermotard LUC1 team thanked their sponsors for their collaboration. Today I bring you a very similar video, but being made by British has a little less spark than the French. Although both serve the same purpose, which is to help in the promotion of brands that sponsor the team or the driver throughout the season.

In this case we are going to see Dougie Lampkin walking around the Renthal factory in Stockport (GB) starting with the offices, where the workers are not even moved when they see the motorcycle there, and then go through the factory facilities, with vertigo ascents and descents by stairs of those that make you dizzy when walking. Although for the multi-time British champion and his Gas Gas TXT 280 Pro practically nothing seems to be an obstacle.

I think that the creatives who come up with the advertising campaigns have finally realized that people on the street not only like to be told how good the products they sell us are, but also appreciate being shown where and how those products are made. And with the times every movement is vital to position your products.

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