Enigma 1050 with Triumph engine
Enigma 1050 with Triumph engine

You may like the Triumph Speed ​​Triple 1050 more or lessThat depends, worth the redundancy, on the tastes of each one. With the latest change in aesthetics and especially with the passage from the round headlights of previous versions to the sharp ones of the current one, there have been opinions of all kinds. That if any time in the past was better, that it was time for a change, well, as I say, for all tastes. Although there are very restless people that having something other than a headlight design that is not to your liking, manufactures practically the entire motorcycle at will.

This is what an English motorist journalist named Jim Lindsay has done. After letting his wife, Margaret, know that Triumph's creations have room for improvement, she told him: You know what? Make it yourself!. Although it must be said that Jim Lindsay has not embarked on the project alone and has surrounded himself with a group of experienced chassis and suspension professionals to build his Enigma 1050 starting from the base of a Triumph Speed ​​Triple 1050.


Engine, part of exhaust and electrical system is the only thing that takes advantage of the original Triumph Speed ​​Triple 1050. Aesthetics aside, what draws the most attention is the move to a multi-tubular and tilting chassis of our own production, Dymag carbon rims and a brake kit from AP Racing. The inverted fork has been revised and all the fibers are shaped from the screen, the new tank and the tail that is a bit reminiscent of the Aprilia Tuono that we recently showed you at MotorpasiónMoto.

For April of this year 2012 they plan to have the first prototypes and depending on the orders They are studying to manufacture a series or even kits to transform the Triumph Speed ​​Triple 1050. They seem to have a couple more prototype sketches with Triumph branded engines. If the company pulls forward, they can become a kind of Bimota or NCR to the English. At the moment there are no official prices for complete motorcycles or kits but we will be attentive to this great initiative.

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