Nico Terol, Héctor Faubel and Tommy Hill join the digital meetings
Nico Terol, Héctor Faubel and Tommy Hill join the digital meetings

Last week we announced the digital meeting that they have organized with Valentino Rossi for next December 21st. It will be complicated that among the thousands of questions sent there is one of ours, but it is sure to be the most interesting. But Christmas is the best excuse to talk to the fans and Valentino is not the only star who will be in front of a camera because the current and last 125cc world champion, Nico Terol, together with Héctor Faubel, will be tomorrow, December 14, from five in the afternoon answering our questions.

To do this, you just have to pay attention to the Bankia account on Twitter, who are the ones who organize the event. If you have not decided to enter the social network, I hope this ends up convincing you. But also, for those who want to practice English, you also have the opportunity to speak with Tommy Hill, the British Superbikes champion. Willing to answer any question, to talk about his past and, above all, about his future.

You can talk to him next Tuesday the 20th at noon. To participate you only have to publish a tweet mentioning the official account of the British championship adding the hashtag; #Hillhotseat. Or even easier, do it via Facebook. In these cases I tell you that they always treat the fans quite well and few questions remain unanswered, even more so if you do it on Twitter where the person in charge spends more time.

If despite this you do not want to make an account in any of these networks, you can leave your questions in the comments and I will try to send them on your behalf.

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