Lisbeth Salander's motorcycle
Lisbeth Salander's motorcycle

On December 21, "Millennium: The men who did not love women" will be released in theaters in the USA, the American revision of the Swedish film that adapted the Stieg Larsson novels how successful they were a couple of years ago. And what does this paint here? Pes turns out that the main character, Lisbeth Salander, drives a motorcycle, and in the new film they have been in charge of looking for a mount that best suits the character's profile.

It seems that someone at the production company wanted to ride Lisbeth on a modern and therefore expensive motorcycle, something that would remain anachronistic. Since the character, being a more or less marginal young woman, needed to drive a motorcycle of those that do not shine, but that fit perfectly with who drives it because it has been "taming" over the years until it becomes something more of his personality.

The bike chosen was a Honda CB 350 from the sixties. A motorcycle that combines two of the main requirements of any film production, which is reliable and easy to drive by the actress who embodies the character. In addition, a motorcycle for the cinema has to be ready to always work in any condition, since if something fails and filming has to be stopped, we are not talking about a normal repair, since to that expense we must add the waste of having without doing anything to the whole team, which are many people with quite high salaries.

With this in mind they commissioned Justin Kell of Glory Motor Works in Los Angeles (USA) to prepare three identical motorcycles to use in the filming. The motorcycle in question appears in several action scenes, with some scenes rolling fast, on ice and on Swedish roads, which is no small feat. In a couple of weeks they finished the first one, to present it to the director of the film and get the go-ahead to manufacture the other two in another couple of weeks. That way they would be ready for filming in Sweden.

Poster of Men who did not love women

The bikes have been disassembled almost entirely, rebuilding parts such as the battery housing so that it can house a larger one to ensure it won't fail in the middle of the Swedish winter. I know rebuilt engines, its clutches, the starter motors were reinforced and the carburetors of the three bikes were revised and updated looking for maximum reliability. The brakes were also overhauled and the wheels were even rebuilt using larger spokes to ensure durability. The lights and all the electrical installation were thoroughly revised, mounting halogen bulbs in the headlight so that they look perfect on the film.

The icing on the cake came when the actress chosen to play the character turns out to have never driven a motorcycle. Luckily, Justin Kell is also a specialist in crash-driving courses for movie stars. In just three days Rooney mara He was more than capable of moving on the bike and handling it at speeds of 60 km / h more than enough for close-ups.

Now next January 13, when the film is released in Spain, you already know that the motorcycle it uses Lisbeth Salander has a story behind it. In addition, at the moment it is again in the Glory Motor Works workshops in Los Angeles (USA) for review and that they are in perfect order to shoot the next parts of the trilogy. In the end I will have to read the novels to see what happens. Or do I better watch the movies?

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