Laia Sanz, Marc Guasch and Gas Gas, ready for the Dakar 2012
Laia Sanz, Marc Guasch and Gas Gas, ready for the Dakar 2012

Last week the presentation of the official team took place Gas gas With which Laia Sanz and Marc Guasch will participate in this edition of the Dakar Rally 2012. For Gas Gas, it will be the first time in its 25-year history, although in 2009 the Dutch Gas Gas Desert team prepared four units of the EC 515 FSR with which Rob Verstegen, Harm Boezeroy, Walter van Sinten and the Valencian Julián Villarubia participated in the Dakar.

Laia sanz will have the help of Marc guasch both on the back of 450 Gas Gas paths that in essence and due to the short time for their preparation, are Yamaha WR 450-F that have been adapted to comply with the homologation regulations of the African race, I say South American.

The Dakar 2012 will begin on January 1 in the Mar de Plata and will end in Lima on January 15 after 8,363 kilometers, of which, more than half will be timed. This year, the main novelty will be Peru. This country becomes the twenty-seventh in history through which the Dakar caravan will pass.

Presentation Gas Gas Dakar 2012

The Gas Gas official team It will have a technical team of mechanics, a physiotherapist and an assistance truck, who will ensure that Laia Sanz can repeat the victory in the women's category that she already achieved last year.

Declarations of Laia sanz:

Declarations of Marc guasch:

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