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Gasoline in Europe, through the roof
Gasoline in Europe, through the roof

One does not want to be a bird of a bad omen, but seeing the economic news that comes from Europe and knowing the situation in our country, it would not surprise me if we soon unseat the leader in the list of gasoline prices in the different European countries. That in October of this year it was Norway, a country in which the liter of gasoline is paid at 1.78 euros Here it is!

This data I have known when reading an entry of Mike werner on his blog, Bikes in the fast lane, talking about the last (for the moment) tax that has fallen on Italians with the entry of the new government that comes to save the economy of the transalpine country. This last tax has come to leave Italian gasoline at 1.63 euros / liter, 20 cents more expensive than that of Spain. As our politicians realize, you will see what interest they put in leading this absurd price list. And I say absurd, because according to experts say, the price of gasoline is political, and more than half of it is indirect taxes paid by citizens who move by motorcycle or car. But how the rulers do not "balance" the accounts, the pagans it seems that we are going to be the same as always.

Gasoline price as of October 2011

  • Austria 1, 35 euros / liter
  • Belgium 1, 44 euros / liter
  • Czech Rep. 1.32 euros / liter
  • Denmark 1, 47 euros / liter
  • France 1, 48 euros / liter
  • Germany 1, 49 euros / liter
  • Greece 1, 59 euros / liter
  • Hungary 1, 19 euros / liter
  • Ireland 1,50 euros / liter
  • Italy 1, 63 euros / liter
  • Latvia 1, 24 euros / liter
  • Luxembourg 1.32 euros / liter
  • Holland 1, 55 euros / liter
  • Norway 1, 78 euros / liter
  • Poland 1, 22 euros / liter
  • Portugal 1, 50 euros / liter
  • Slovakia 1, 46 euros / liter
  • Slovenia 1.31 euros / liter
  • Spain 1.33 euros / liter
  • Sweden 1, 48 euros / liter
  • Switzerland 1, 38 euros / liter

UK € 1.58 / liter

If we continue like this, in the end I will have to keep my promise and stop driving motor vehicles if gasoline reaches two euros / liter or the speed limit falls below the performance of my slower bike. Although they will already be in charge of inventing some other indirect tax for wearing down the street or similar to me, they will not get much more from me for that concept. As that one said, bad times are coming for the lyric.

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