Darkside; a car wheel on the back of your motorcycle
Darkside; a car wheel on the back of your motorcycle

On rare occasions have i seen motorcycles that had car wheels mounted. Above all, I have seen them mounted on motorcycles with a covered sidecar or in some shabby customization that, taking advantage of the width of a car's wheel, served its owner to appear to have a tremendous rear “donuts” in his chopper. But I never thought that even this practice had a name.

Thus, the movement called Darkside born in Yankeeland and has a gala mount car tires on the rear wheel of ordinary motorcycles. It also has strong advocates among owners of road bikes as we can see in more than one video that circulates on the net. The Darksiders say that the sensations are similar to riding a specific motorcycle tire, but I would have to try it because I just can't believe it.

Defenders of the Darkside argue that the imperfections of the asphalt are more noticeable due to the flat support of the wheel, a characteristic to which I do not find any advantage. But they also comment on their forums that when the rear wheel of the car begins to skid does it with more nobility and security that a specific motorcycle wheel regains grip without as much suddenness as a motorcycle wheel can do, which sometimes causes the terrible high side, or exit through ears. Of course, the life of a car tire on a motorcycle is going to be incredible, let alone its price. But what do you want me to tell you, I think it is reckless to mount a car tire even if it is on the rear wheel. Especially when it is not manufactured for that type of traction, weight, etc … And of course it does not have the necessary balance to be able to drive a motorcycle reliably.

What do you think? I am very "scared" to see that tire knocking down on a Honda Valkyrie. Now, if some intrepid dares to try it, tell me later the face of the Civil Guard when they stop you, because this type of thing can only be allowed on the other side of the pond.

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