Jorian Ponomareff, talent, humility and spectacle
Jorian Ponomareff, talent, humility and spectacle

A few weeks ago we saw a video of what we could say was the two-wheeled version of Ken Block's gymkhanas. The artist who was driving that motorcycle was a 24-year-old Frenchman who once got on his machine seemed to be ice skating in a dance with surprising precision. Chance has wanted me to meet him again because while I was browsing different musical themes I went to another of Jorian Ponomareff's great montages.

Not long ago he traveled to the United States to train alongside the American pilots, side by side, and showing skills rarely seen. This is the video that tells of this adventure in what is probably the country with the most freestyle fans in any of its disciplines. When I saw it, that other video of Aaron Colton came to mind in which the montage and the scenes were the strong point leaving aside the tricks of the Red Bull driver. Well, in this case Jorian shows an extraordinary ability for balance and timing, making the most complicated seem as complicated as putting the kickstand.

And before jumping to the video, I would also like to highlight their behavior. Like the good football player who smiles while running, this French talent seems to be the happiest man in the world when he gets on the bike. moving away from the cocky and boastful image who insist on showing some.

The songs, by the way, are Cracks by Freestylers and The Birth and Death of the Day by Explosions in the sky.

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