Boxx, a box of matches on wheels
Boxx, a box of matches on wheels

That the electricity market is booming and every time it surprises us with more striking models, it is a fact. But certainly, everything has a limit, a limit that the Boxx. And it is that this electric model that is already marketed in the United States it looks more like a walking matchbox, and the truth is, it is curious, but ugly too, and a lot.

This invention has been carried out by the company Boxx Corp, and it is true that what they want is that its use be purely urban and as a transport that occupies the least possible space. And the Boxx only measures one meter long and weighs fifty-five kilos, ideal to put it in any hole of the own house. Of course, its performance is not impressive either, since it barely exceeds 50 km / h, has a range that does not reach 35 kilometers and takes four hours to charge. Come on, unimpressive numbers. Although it must be clarified that this is the basic model, because like everything in life, if we put a little more money on it, we can double the autonomy and reduce the charging time considerably.

The price of course does not accompany much, and a tad expensive it is. It costs about 3,000 euros to the change, that can become more than 4,000 with the extras that I have commented before. So, we have to admit that it is a very original model and that it is out of what we are used to seeing, but I doubt that you will ever see me mounted on one of these little gadgets, among other things, because it does not look very much. that it is very stable. What do you think about it?

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