The Jerez circuit is once again in the spotlight for the World Cup event
The Jerez circuit is once again in the spotlight for the World Cup event

This is not the first time that bad news has reached us regarding the economic situation of the Jerez circuit. My colleague Albi already told us at the beginning of this year, which is about to end, about the embargo he had suffered, and now the news has been circulating for a few days that the celebration of the races scheduled for next is not yet entirely clear. April 29 corresponding to the Motorcycle World Championship.

The reason is again of course money. Three months ago, the Jerez City Council assumed the management of the circuit, but of course, with the current times It is difficult to take care of the 45 million euros of debt that the Jerez route carries. So the situation at the moment is that Dorna is negotiating with the City Council to try to reach a solution and finally sign an agreement. According to the press office of the Consistory itself, it seems that the test is not in danger, but what are they going to say.

Anyway, in any case, we all know that the Jerez test is one of the most anticipated of the season and that it has a tradition that Dorna herself knows very well. But of course, they cannot make exceptions for this reason either. Personally, It gives me a very bad feeling that more and more news of this type related to the Jerez circuit is being heard, and I am very afraid that if the situation continues like this, the day will come when it will be absolutely unsustainable. You already know that I am quite close to this circuit, so without a doubt it seems like very bad news. We will be attentive to how everything happens.

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