Honduras prohibits taking a passenger on a motorcycle
Honduras prohibits taking a passenger on a motorcycle

Incredible but true: The Congress of Honduras has voted to prohibit carrying a passenger on a motorcycle from today until six months from now. Said like that, it sounds like a bizarre law with no future but you have to go a little further before judging a decision that at first glance is even funny. The main issue is that in recent times the characteristics that make us opt for the use of motorcycles in the city have become a double-edged sword. thieves and murderers have found on two wheels the best vehicle with which to move with agility to commit their crimes.

During the last week two murders have been committed and in both the gunman was a passenger on a motorcycle. With this rule, the government intends to make the criminals' task more difficult by putting the more obstacles the better to their strategies. Obviously, many other Honduran users use their motorcycles to get around or simply enjoy this hobby and their use is limited due to the cult of a violent minority.

On a country with the highest murder rate in the world - 82 deaths per 100,000 people - motorcycling takes a back seat and the safety of society becomes the first major objective. Meanwhile in Honduras more solutions are being sought to end this terrible situation.

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