The new radar of the French police
The new radar of the French police

After having seen camouflaged radars on motorcycles, radars with bonuses for good drivers or even noise radars, the French gendarmerie has managed to make their radars so perfectly integrated into the rotating lights of patrol cars that no one is going to be able to distinguish them from normal patrol cars. So if you like driving over the limits and passing through France, be careful when you come across one of those French gendarmerie cars.

The invention in question is called Gyrophare and it is capable of recording both the cars that approach and those that move away from the vehicle that installs it. Of the four cameras that the invention has, two are specialized in recognizing and recording vehicle license plates. While the other two can take images both during the day and at night because they have infrared viewers. As my French is limited, I do not understand if they are also capable of detecting an excess of speed, but if they are able to identify any vehicle and check if it has a pending sanction, is reported as stolen or even if the passengers are wearing or not the seat belt.

Big brother is here and it seems to me that he has come to stay, because the 17,000 euros that each of these 300 units costs The surveillance systems that have been purchased will have to be amortized at all costs and have been operating since May of this year. Meanwhile here today we have released some "nice" section radars.

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