Roadlok Radial to protect your KTM against theft
Roadlok Radial to protect your KTM against theft

KTM just presented in its accessories catalog Powerparts facing 2012 the Roadlok Radial specially designed for all KTM models that have radially mounted brake calipers. As you can see, it is an anti-theft device that is directly integrated into the brake caliper itself and that prevents us from having to have the hassle of finding a hole in the motorcycle to transport the anti-theft device, especially seeing the holes underneath every day. of the seats in the sports are reduced more and more.

The operation is very simple since the Roadlok Radial is bolted directly to the brake caliper and from then on forming a block with the bike itself. A special hardened bolt penetrates the holes in the disc, preventing any movement of the motorcycle, which also avoids the inconvenience of going out with the anti-theft device on (a very frequent and quite humiliating fall) since the motorcycle does not move at all, thus that we will realize immediately, avoiding the fall and also the damage to the caliper and disc that occurs with conventional locks.

The Roadlok patent is not exclusive to KTM It also manufactures similar locks for other motorcycle models (Aprilia for example) and even for other brake brands. For instance, Breinger, has a similar anti-theft system for its brake calipers.

The recommended retail price of the KTM Roadlok Radial is 294 euros (in orange, of course) and fits all Super Duke, Duke, Supermoto, SM T, SM R and RC8 models. It is now available for sale at official brand dealers.

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