How to build your own electric motorcycle
How to build your own electric motorcycle

I think we all know that Americans are the undisputed kings of do-it-yourself (DIY in English) And when it is not about making a house, or a boat, they can be entangling in anything else. In this case I have stumbled across this article about how to make your own electric motorcycle while snooping around the web for information on a project I have in mind. Although the information has been around for a while, I think it is very interesting, because the article explains step by step the components it has used and where they came from.

The reasons given by the author are quite conventional. Starting from the idea that If you do trips of a few kilometers every day, it is best to park your car and look for an alternative. The first on the list may be to electrify a car, but since that is quite complicated, the next step on the list is to electrify a motorcycle. And if the bike is of a more or less classic line, then even better. Because you may also get that motorcycle for four dollars, which makes the project quite cheaper. In this case the original model is a 1967 Honda Dream 160 with the original engine blown out.

The next thing was to get a working electric motor. In this case we find a motor Etek Briggs 48v with brushes. The batteries used are four deep cycle units offering 12v 105 Ah. The controller for this set is a C48v and 300A urtis managed by a fist Magura which is the one that controls the pilot. In addition to all this, a pair of fuses and relays must be included to prevent the invention from burning. A bit of skill and a few hours later you can enjoy your home-made electric motorcycle. Of course, this type of work cannot be done in our country because it does not comply with current traffic regulations, but I think that if we continue as we have done before, it will not take long to see some kind of reduction in control in favor of home experiments.

The author also comments that there is a highly recommended book entitled "Build your own electric motorbike" by Carl vogel. A kind of manual so that the most launched know what to do if they get into such a project. I will continue looking for the material I need for my project, but do not rule out that one day I will come out with one of these inventions through the garage door.

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