Gilera Super Sport 150 from 1958 on a snow getaway
Gilera Super Sport 150 from 1958 on a snow getaway

This week of a very long bridge we can take the opportunity to watch some videos that in the midst of the maelstrom of news and usual news can go unnoticed. In this case, today's video is simply about a hobbyist who repairs his motorcycle himself and then, unable to wait for the good weather to arrive in the area where he lives, he goes out for a walk through the snowy field. This might not have much relevance if you did it with a Moto Cross bike, but what is really relevant is that you do it with a Gilera 150 Super Sport from 1958. So far everything more or less normal.

The exceptional jumps when I start looking for information about the Gilera manufactured in Argentina and I discover that it is not a subsidiary company or part of the Piaggio Group such as the Gilera that almost all Europeans know, but that we are facing one of those strange cases of different brands with the same name in different countries.

It turns out that back in the fifties, Gilera Italia decided to settle in Argentina. They do this through a factory that originally assembled parts that came from Italy, but a few years later production even included aluminum smelting. In that heyday even parts were made for Citroen. But the crisis came and in 1978 the factory was taken over by the state, which sold it to Libertador Motors S.A. I think that was when they completely separated from the original brand, leaving all the machinery and the brand in Argentina the property of the new owners.

In the late eighties Libertador Motors S.A. becomes official importer of Suzuki. Due to curiosities of the Argentine legislation in the country, they can be registered as their own brands from other countries, so if we look on the Gilera website for the distributor in Argentina of their products, it does not exist as such, since today the brand It continues to work regardless of the European original.

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