2013 Triumph Street Triple hunted, spy photos
2013 Triumph Street Triple hunted, spy photos

At the beginning of September in these pages we showed you a photo of the future Triumph Daytona for 2013 and now Spy photos of the 2013 Triumph Street Triple come to light, taken by our Italian colleagues at Info Motori. As they explain on their website, one of their photographers was stationed on the side of the road when a motorcycle is heading towards him at high speed. Then he begins to photograph the motorcycle and the pilot thinking that it is the police slows down. When the driver of the 2013 Triumph Street Triple realizes that he is around him is a photographer shooting left and right and not a law enforcement officer, it is too late.

A matter of luck or someone passed the information to them, you never know. The fact is that I never go out without my camera when I ride a motorcycle but I admit that I have never come across a scoop of this type. Some curious people if I have known, for example, a man with gray hair of about 65 long years with a Garibaldi jacket of the old ones who today has come to have a coffee and chat for a while with me. Talk about motorcycles, of course! But let's save the stories of Grandpa Cebolleta for another time and let's analyze a little the photos of the Triumph Street Triple 2013. For the record, the grandfather Cebolleta is for me and not for that hardened and wise man.


One of our readers, Luismi Calleja, notified us of the news and says: "It is clear that it will carry ABS“And the truth is that I hope you are right, Luismi, but at least in these photos I can't see the sensors or the typical cogwheel of that system. What is clear is that in addition to a success I find it almost mandatory to mount that extra security, and if it could be disconnected for runs on the track, then better, although there are those who say that even the ABS is taken advantage of on the circuit. It seems that the engine will continue to rely on the 675cc three-cylinder that provides such a good response at all speeds and the changes are more aesthetic from what is clear from the photos.

The swingarm changes its shapes a bit, it is still a double arm but asymmetrical. It curves a bit on the right side to let out a low exhaust. And speaking of the exhaust, what you see here is a camouflaged Arrow. I am inclined to think that they will continue with the silent ones below the tail, since there is still enough space for these and they will leave low leaks in option as they usually do. Since I mention it, the new tail looks sharper and less round than in previous editions. The subframe seems to change too something in the shapes of the side rails.

Moving to the front, the mirrors are replaced by ones of the style Ducati Monster 696 that at least in aesthetics, they are much more graceful than the current ones. The plastic trims that cover the radiator change again by sharp shapes. And little else can be added. The one in the photographs looks like a basic version because it is betrayed by those non-radial brake calipers but in the background all these rumors, even with photos included, must be taken with a grain of salt since in reality what you see is a current Triumph Street Triple to which they have added or changed some component that it is not known if it will be incorporated in the final version. Of course, the Info Motori colleagues have been very attentive to the news. Thanks to Luismi Calleja down the track.

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