Fott, stylish clothes for the cold east
Fott, stylish clothes for the cold east

The truth is that the first time I saw this video I was not very clear about what they were selling me, even at the end it reminded me of the cardboard and tambourine bikers. But it turns out that the shots are not going there, or so it seems to me. What you are about to see is a advertising video for Fott, a clothing store in Moscow (Russia) Although, the truth is that with the rhythm of the motorcycle driver in the video, I don't know how long it will last in the traffic of the Russian capital.

Perhaps the rhythm that we see is understood by the public to which the ad is initially directed, but I think that the last thing you want to be associated with your brand are more or less dangerous attitudes and much less with the campaigns that are all over the world to reduce the accident rate. Be that as it may, the realization has caught my attention, the settings are quite beautiful and without resorting to the most famous images of the city we are more or less able to identify where we are. For data collectors, the director of the ad is Alexander Khudokon and the music that plays over the engine of the Kawasaki W800 W650 is Liars - Plaster Casts of Everything from Mute Records, 2007

I wonder if the Barbour that the character on the motorcycle wears will keep him warm when the thermometers read -15 ºC. Because the one that I have, if you do not accompany it with a good thermal base, it protects what is just. Or maybe it's that I'm getting older and I've gotten unused to being cold

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