Although it seems incredible, nothing happened to him
Although it seems incredible, nothing happened to him

Go ahead, the first time I have seen the video that I bring you below, it has made a great impact on me. And that I already knew that there was no need to regret any physical consequences of its protagonist, which seems incredible when we see the images, but it is inevitable that we will be surprised. Denis Borges, that's the name of this pilot, he can calmly say that that day his guardian angel did his job perfectly.

But let's get down to it. We are in the Extreme Show that is being held in the theme park Beto Carrero World, in Penha (Brazil). The show stars the aforementioned Denis Borges and Anderson Sanchez, two stunt pilots who are leaving the public with their mouths open, and these guys are not doing bad at all, with a perfect choreography and a lot of sense of humor. But the time comes to go around doing a wheelie between two cars, and friend Denis has a strong impact with one of them.

The truth is that as I was saying, it is impressive to see how it comes out totally fired at a more than considerable height and with the consequent blow that it takes. And this is where the incredible comes, since contrary to what it may seem, fortunately Borges He does not suffer any serious damage and the next day he had already returned to his job, although we imagine that a little sore. I leave you with the video, but yes, with the peace of mind of knowing that everything was a scare.

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