Isaac Viñales will race the World Championship, Alberto Moncayo in the Aspar Team the Moto3 transfer market does not stop
Isaac Viñales will race the World Championship, Alberto Moncayo in the Aspar Team the Moto3 transfer market does not stop

If there is a category in which there are no stop signings, movements and, above all, many unknowns, that is the new one Moto3. These four-stroke 250cc engines will have a very difficult time surpassing the 125cc class that has made us enjoy so much. But of course, the news happens. Thus, the most surprising news for me has been the signing of Alberto moncayo for him Aspar Team, but we also know that Isaac viñales will see the faces with his cousin, which pilots will be the officers of KTM and what others are chosen for the landing of the Technomag-CIP in the category. Let's go in parts.

Let's start with Moncayo. And of course the Aspar Team is always the most desired team in the small category. With the march of Nico Terol To Moto2, there was a little gap to fill, and Jorge has opted for a rider that you already know is one of my weaknesses. Now it's up to Alberto to show everything he has inside and take that little jump to fight for victory in each race. Say that a chassis has been chosen for the team's debut in Moto3 Kalex with a KTM engine. We will see how it works, but obviously, the tigretón is this happy:

If there is a driver who is presented as the favorite of the category, that is Maverick Viñales, after his excellent debut season and the other two roosters have gone to Moto2. But yes, one of the drivers he will have to beat will be his own cousin, Isaac Viñales, who will play the entire season with the Italian team CBC Corse on the back of a Sling. Without a doubt, very good news for an Isaac who in 2011 has played the CEV Buckler in the Moto2 category, and that he even achieved a victory in the penultimate round of Valencia. As it cannot be otherwise, he has also been very happy:


And now we leave the native riders to get closer to one of the strongest associations in Moto3. And it is that KTM has decided that its return to the championship is leaving its official team in the hands of Aki Ajo, in a new team that will be called Red Bull KTM Ajo Factory Racing Team. For this ambitious project they will have three pilots: Sandro CorteseWithout a doubt the strong man of the team considering that in 2011 he has won two races; Danny Kent, a very promising rider who we have seen in more than one good performance when they left him the motorcycle of Jonas folger in its debut season, and Arthur Sissis, the young Australian who finished second in the Red Bull Rookies Cup. Be careful, that KTM can have up to nine bikes on the grid between officers and Kalex KTM.

Meanwhile, the Technomag-CIP team has decided to also be part of this new adventure in Moto3, and it will do so with two very promising youngsters (seventeen years old each). On one side, Kenta fujii, which was already announced since the participation of this team in the category was known. And on the other, we meet the French Alan Techer, winner of two races and third in the final classification of the Red Bull Rookies Cup, and that comes as part of a plan by the French Motorcycle Federation to promote new talents. Of course, what better place than in your countryman's team Gilles Bigot.

So far a review of the latest news that is being given in the new Moto3 category. As you can see, the movements are continuous, and we are all waiting to see what happens, something that we already experienced a couple of years ago with Moto2. We know which drivers are the favorites and which teams are dominators of the small category, but friends, 2012 has nothing to do with it and they all start from scratch and with more doubts than certainties ahead. One thing is clear, and that is what excitement and surprises there will be for sure.

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