Valentino Rossi and Tony Cairoli have a good time in their spare time
Valentino Rossi and Tony Cairoli have a good time in their spare time

Although they could well dedicate themselves to playing the console, which I do not doubt that they do, but it is that one thinks that the motor stars after an intense season of competitions retire to rest and disconnect from everything that smells minimally of gasoline. There are those who do it, but these two "elements", and lovingly enclosed in quotation marks, cannot stop still for a minute since they carry it in their blood. The MotoGP World Cup rider Valentino rossi and also the MX World Cup rider Tony cairoli They have a good time in their spare time doing what they do best, giving full throttle.

In Tavullia Valentino Rossi is behind the La Biscia ranch, an off road motor complex where you can train with the approval of the town hall. This is where his friend Tony Cairoli has been brought in to verify that the works are on the right track. Mattia Pasini and the Flat Track corridor Marco Belli were also walking around the place. signing up for the party. And it is seen that the tracks promise to be a reference point for Italian motorcyclists.


Something similar to what in his day "King" Kenny Roberts father had himself built in our country. Sure the acronym KRTR they sound like more than one. This was the training sanctuary for many riders who discovered in disciplines such as dirt track the art of skidding that would later be revealed as a necessary exercise to master powerful speed bikes. They said that there was a before and an after who passed through the Kenny Roberts Training Ranch. And not only professional pilots because there was a time when the ranch tracks were rented to companies that wanted to spend a good day enjoying and skidding with their employees.

Those of you who are more attentive to social networks such as Tweeter will surely have seen comments from the day in Valentino Rossi's Tweeter who already announced, saying good morning, that a friend of his with good hands on dirt bikes was coming to the ranch. I am almost a 40-year-old self-respecting Tweeter and these things are great for me, but there is the news. I wonder what these guys will play next time they get together …

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