Graham Jarvis makes his Roof of Africa debut with victory
Graham Jarvis makes his Roof of Africa debut with victory

Graham jarvis has claimed victory in the oldest extreme race in the world, the Roof of AfricaAnd with it, he only has to get hold of the Erzberg Rodeo to be able to say that he has won all the most important extreme enduro events in the world. Behind Graham Jarvis was the New Zealander Chris birch while Jade gutzeit he was third in an agonizing finale.

The Roof of Africa It has its own particular format, and is made up of three days of competition in which the participants spend about seven hours on the bike on very stony terrain. Both Graham Jarvis, as Jade Gutzeit who was running second until practically seeing the finish line in the distance and Chris Birch, rode very close together during the three days.

Victory was played last day but Graham Jarvis was much stronger. Bad luck was primed with Jade gutzeit, that barely two hundred meters from the finish line, about to top the Bushman's Pass, crashed to the ground and his motorcycle was jammed, taking a lot of time to get it out of there, which Chris Birch took advantage of to pass it and snatch the second place. Chris Birch has not had it easy either since on Saturday morning he went to the ground and arrived with an injured foot at the goal, not being able to repeat the triumph as in the three previous editions.

Roof of Africa final classification: * 1. Graham Jarvis, 15h24m53s * 2. Chris Birch, 15h47m03s * 3. Jade Gutzeit, 15h54m44s * 4. Mark Torlage, 16h17m06s * 5. Darryl Curtis, 16h21m55s

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