Galician politicians against the grain of the new Galician Forestry Law
Galician politicians against the grain of the new Galician Forestry Law

Many times I saw with envy, and not exactly heal, the magnificent work that was being done in the Galician Community with access to the mountain of Enduro bikes. I was filled with hope to see how numerous hardeners lent support with their motorcycles together with civil protection, forest agents, civil guard and seprona, not only in emergency situations such as forest fires or the search for missing persons. They voluntarily offered to collaborate in cleaning the mountain to prevent fires or report illegal dumping, as is the case with fellow Enduro Galicia website. In short, a situation that benefited everyone.

Well, as always happens when our beloved political class is near, if something works well, someone “enlightened” has to arrive and spoil it. This is the summary of the absurdity that they intend to perpetrate with the processing of the new Law of Montes de Galicia that As drafted, it will prohibit the circulation of motor vehicles in the Galician mountains. Just the opposite of what is happening in other communities such as Catalonia that have already suffered this type of absurd and unfair Laws and that are now trying to remedy with the definitive approval of the famous "Green Card" that facilitates an adequate control of the motorized users for off-road practice in all its aspects.

Endureros Cleaning the mount in Galicia

And also, as always, why are we going to take into account the opinion of one of the interested parties when drafting the Law? We forbid period, which is the easiest.

In all law-making procedure, a hearing must be given to all those whose rights and legitimate interests are affected directly or through the organizations or associations recognized by the Law that represent them. Both nationally and in the Galician Community itself they are very close to hand: Galician Motorcycle Federation, AMVER, etc…. But for what? If it is easier to cover your eyes to the reality of what is happening in other communities and send to hell a collaboration situation between all users of the mountain, motorized and non-motorized, with a ban.

Volunteer endurers in Galicia

As I always tell you, I have been riding a field motorcycle for more than 15 years, I know the terrain where I ride and I know how it was and how it is. Sometimes I don't even see my own brands despite circulating for so many years in the same places. Like almost all the groups, that of the users of the field motorcycle is made up of many types of people and those who destroy newly sown lands, circulate through the riverbeds, scare herds or simply do not respect other users of the field, They are not "those of the motorcycles" in general, but people in particular who at that moment are driving a motorcycle. Have a heavy hand with them, please.

Volunteering in Defense of Monte Gallego

Lucky for us We motorcyclists are not the ones who cause serious fires or destroy a number of hectares of forest mass, we do not pollute with dioxins or promote urban projects, we do not dump waste and our vehicles produce minimal emissions. And Although until now we are treated as criminals in some parts of Spain, we hope that the Galician politicians, who still have time to remedy the situation, will modify this new Law in process and continue to be an exemplary Community in which the mountain is taken care of with the help of all its users.

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