Live fast, drive slow, mopeds across the Atlantic
Live fast, drive slow, mopeds across the Atlantic

They count in the original article in Piston Brew that when the oil crisis broke out in the seventies, California was filled with Mopeds (what we here call mopeds) to compensate for the voracity of the huge gasoline engines that powered North American cars. What happens is that that crisis happened and the economic mopeds were falling into oblivion. Luckily there are people like the Moped Army, who have been in charge of documenting these modest vehicles and at the same time have been updating them so that they are still alive.

In that environment, in which races are also contested, Nate Kiehn and Mike Rafter met. Mike commissioned Nate to build a moped for him, and such was such success that they teamed up to build more of these stylish mopeds. Had just been born Moto Matic Mopeds. The final push was received by order the beer brand Sapporo 25 mopeds to be awarded as a prize in a photography contest. They had to close the public and dedicate themselves body and soul to making so many mopeds.

Below you can also see some more photos of the mopeds they manufacture and a couple of videos that document the work they do on Moto Matic Mopeds.

Moto Matic Mopeds

I have to say that the information is not current, but I have decided to rescue it from oblivion after seeing the article it published Viking on his blog a few days ago. More than anything because when the videos appeared back in June in Derestrictec I bookmarked it for posting, but for some obscure reason it got buried under a lot of work. So here you have the work of a people who are concerned with keeping alive the history of such modest vehicles that in the country of gasoline they are almost nothing more than mosquitoes. But they have a motto "live fast, drive slow" that more than one should apply to himself.

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