Oops, it seems that something has broken
Oops, it seems that something has broken

Oops, it seems that something has broken is the free translation of what the rider of this motorcycle says when his engine decides to stop turning. At first glance it seems that the break is more or less serious, but when the camera gets closer we can see, in addition to some part that has unilaterally decided to stop being part of the engine, how the oil that should be inside it begins to drip. motor.

What a chore, because taking into account the sound of the engine shortly before the accident we can even venture that there is something in there that does not sound good. It seems to me that the first thing you hear is the distribution chain, which goes with more slack than recommended. From there to a break there is not much, the next step is the valves landing on the piston head, stopping it immediately. And maybe even the connecting rod and crankshaft have succumbed to the accident. We may be facing one of those breakdowns caused by an item that costs four dollars but its failure must cost a few hundred euros to repair, if not a few thousand.

Warning, this is all the product of my imagination and it could well be someone else's problem. You can see the video below, but if you consider yourself a sensitive person be careful because then you may have nightmares with a breakdown like that.

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