LaHaDuc, or Dr. Frankenstein's motorcycle
LaHaDuc, or Dr. Frankenstein's motorcycle

What if we take a Ducati chassis, Laverda suspensions and a Harley Davidson engine and put everything together on the same motorcycle? Then the end result is what you see in the photo and is called LaHaDuc. A motorcycle that could be a worthy heir to the legend of Dr. Frankenstein's monster. But I think it's more of the doctor Mel Brooks Frankenstein Than Kenneth Branagh's, because what could be quite a monstrosity has a certain friendly appearance.

In the original article they tell us that the parts used are a chassis of Ducati 850 GT from 1976. Chassis that lost its engine when the Italian twin left to move a racing Sidecar. The engine comes from a Harley davidson sporster, motorcycle from which it was excised to install a modern Harley Davidson XR1200 engine. The wheels, and I imagine the suspensions, come from a Laverda 750 SF another Italian classic. To complete the creature, the tank is that of a Ducati SD 500 and the seat of an unspecified Triumph. Ultimately, the author, a Dutchman named Pieter van den Breevaart, has spent 4,650 euros buying the pieces that make up this LaHaDuc.

What do you think of the invention? Just in case, The Keneeslider warns that to create this bike, none of the original donors had to be disassembled, which were already like this when they were located. And I add that they are even grateful to be able to function again on a motorcycle on the street. Because I hope that the ITV in Holland will be much more benevolent than in Spain.

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