Special effects in the middle of the road
Special effects in the middle of the road

The other day, as I was coming home from a Scooter Club meeting, I was in the middle of a chop with a boy from A 50cc scooter of those tricked up to the ears. And I say half chopped because he was giving me an interesting review with his grinder until after leaving a traffic light, which gives access to a square that has to be bypassed, we stumbled in the middle of the lane by which we were going a huge trail of sand. One of those streams like the one firefighters form when they cover up another, much more dangerous stream of oil on the road. I do not know if the kid on the scooter cut when he saw the panorama because I did and I stayed behind cursing the culprit of such an outrage in the middle of the street.

Luckily i didn't fall, things that have the auto-save that the years give you and have fallen a few times for similar things. But in those moments you keep thinking about who will be the one who has made a mess of this caliber that practically went around the square (and it is not small) At the end I stopped and I could see that what there was was simply sand, nothing of oil. Everything seemed the product of the "collaboration" of some truck of those with the doors that do not fit and with little care in the transport of goods.

Today when I saw the photo in the header I could not help but think again about the dangerous situation I encountered and the little respect that some drivers have for others that we also circulate on the street, even if we do it on a motorcycle. Although I think that with such a large amount of sand on the road, if I got to go with the car I would also have gotten a good scare, with many more kilos to stop, but with a few electronic aids.

This is just one of the many that can happen to you circulating in any city in the world. If you are lucky you can tell it as one more anecdoteIf not, you will have to tell it while you recover from your injuries and your motorcycle is repaired. And that I am a believer in the maxim that says that there are only two types of bikers, those who have fallen and those who are going to fall. But I've already crashed a few times and I'd rather wait a little longer to try the asphalt again, I'm old enough to roll around on the bike.

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