Zero Motorcycles begins production, electrics to power
Zero Motorcycles begins production, electrics to power

The production of Zero electric motorcycles is already underway which will be available in stores more or less between February and March of this year 2012. Currently the network of concessions in our territory is 17 distributors, especially in the northeast of the country. With the continuous increases in fuel and the obvious polluting emissions the electric motorcycle cannot and should not wait any longer to come to the fore With all his strength.

Zero Motorcycles is a Californian company with many years of research in the sector that proposes a range of five electric motorcycle models with almost maintenance-free engines and low pollution levels emitting one eighth less CO2 per kilometer than an internal combustion engine. (Remember that obtaining electricity also involves polluting emissions). All with fully recyclable batteries and free of toxic metals with intelligent charging systems.


The models that I show in the photographs are, in order of appearance, the Zero S, a Urban naked destined for the city and extra radio with two configurations in kilometers of autonomy of 122km and 182km respectively and with the capacity to propel itself up to 142 kilometers per hour. The next model is the Zero DS, a asphalt trail with identical engine configuration as the naked one.

The Zero X and Zero MX complete the range, two models of moto cross in which the Zero X model is manufactured ready to circulate on the road with headlights, indicators and regulatory lighting system while the Zero MX model is strictly for track and circuit. Very good news for this year 2012 in which electric models, as we say, must take off and claim. Personally for this year 2012 and 2013 I am satisfied with seeing a good percentage of urban-type motorcycles, such as scooters, circulating our streets and highways.

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