Quick, the South Korean film that wants to be a great production
Quick, the South Korean film that wants to be a great production

Seconds before seeing the trailer I thought: we are already with another big slop on two wheels trying to imitate those of Full throttle. But better spend a few minutes before anything. Quick is a South Korean film directed by Jo Beom-goo and that judging by the special effects that are seen during the two minutes of presentation it had a good budget. A budget that will undoubtedly have been worth it after having raised since its premiere in Korea more than seven and a half million euros.

The story stars Gi-su, a somewhat special messenger famous for arriving at the destination much sooner than another company can deliver. The secret of this speed lies basically in his skills on two wheels, in the BMW S1000RR you drive and a good amount of poetic licenses for interpret the highway code at will. Gi-su receives a very special commission and it is that one of the pop artists of the moment is late for a televised concert. Then a mysterious character gets in touch with the protagonist and tells him that there is a bomb in the helmet they carry, thus starting a countdown and an escape through Seoul at full speed.

Judge for yourself the quality of the feature film. It should be noted that here, at least, they do not confuse the throttle or gears with the rear brake.

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