Harley-Davidson XR1200 Trophy, an unusual British championship with a vintage flavor
Harley-Davidson XR1200 Trophy, an unusual British championship with a vintage flavor

I was talking a few days ago with Treboldos on Twitter about the great Jeremy McWilliamsOn where would a pilot who this year will have completed nothing more and nothing less than 48 years would be now. The point is that the British pilot came on the scene because confirmed its participation in the next edition of the North West 200 giving without a doubt one more point of interest to such a magnificent test. When in doubt, I wanted to remind myself that Jeremy is not out of training or in poor shape, far from it.

In fact, the last news we had of his was about participating in one of the AMA races in the Harley Davidson XR1200 category. So we pointed out that he already had a title with this type of motorcycle; the Harley Davidson XR1200 trophy that runs parallel to the British Superbikes. At this point it was really surprising to investigate a little more about this trophy and the vintage or classic touch that permeates every corner of it.

Jeremy McWilliams

Seven of the best British circuits take turns on the calendar to host nine races; running double at Brands Hatch and Knockhill. Scenarios that ensure pure and simple spectacle and that have not undergone major modifications for years so that at times it seems that we are traveling through time. Of course, the machine used is the Harley Davidson XR1200X, a motorcycle that at first did not seem to be made to devour circuits but has proven to be very capable.

This receives only two mechanical modifications- A racing kit signed by Harris Performance and a complete Termingoni exhaust system. With this, it is possible to promote the series model, lower costs and leave a margin of maneuver for the teams and pilots to demonstrate their skills. And is that this XR1200 "competition" costs less than 15,500 euros to which we should add 2200 euros for registration. In addition, the organizers, who are the same as those who carry the BSB, have secured a maximum price of no more than 2,900 euros for Dunlop tires for a whole season. That is, we can run an entire championship for about 20,600 euros, although other types of expenses must be taken into account: transport, accommodation, etc.

What makes it interesting? Pleasant, atypical races on tracks where great legends have raced. For the elderly it may be another challenge in their life or the best pastime, for young people it is a place to stand out and get to know the circuits in which the most incredible national of the world runs. To encourage participation, some cash prizes were also stipulated - which reach 60,000 euros - and in products for each round:

  • First place € 2380 + two rear tires and one front
  • Second place € 1190 + one front and one rear tire
  • Third place € 892 + a rear rubber
  • Fourth place € 595 + a front tire
  • Fifth place € 297
  • Pole € 297
  • Quick return € 297
  • Event man Two rear tires and one front

Harley-Davidson XR1200 Series Winner

Retro touches everywhere

It was born in 2010 and then they had the regular participation of Jeremy McWilliams and the wildcar of an off-road vehicle like Guy Martin. Once unveiled and having taken a run, the HD XR1200 trophy goes its own way without big stars in between, although they are always well received.

But in this championship there is a different and familiar atmosphere. The competition motorcycles of thousands and thousands of euros or the pressure of the sponsors is conspicuous by its absence. Failing that, what stands out is craftsmanship, the ability to work as a team; the good work of the pilots and mechanics. Somehow Harley Davidson has been able to bring the essence of the American dirt track to the European asphalt circuits. How long has it been since you saw a pilot hide his hand on the straights?

Finally, we leave you some images with which to get fully into the role of the pilot.

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